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PU Sheet
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The Polyurethane sheets from Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd.are made of high quality PU material from well known factories in the world.

The excellent Polyurethane used has following advantages.

         · Rubber elasticity,Metal toughness and durability and Plastic shape and color flexibility

         · Broad range of adjustable hardness

         · Abrasion resistant

         · Oil and solvent resistant

         · Load bearing capacity

         · Tear resistant

         · Excellent noise abatement properties

         · Ageing resistant

  So It makes the PU sheets also have favorable advantages.

        · Flexible for durameter,size,color and quantity.

        · Versatile for many industrial areas

        · Perfect surface seamless bonding with other materials

        · Perfectly flat polished or sanded surface

        · High resistance to abrasion and impact

        · Resistant to many chemical compounds

        · Oil and solvent resistant

  Followings are available for the PU sheets supplied by us.

        · Standard durometer available from 40A to 65D

        · Maximum size available 4000*1500*300mm

        · Most popular colors are red, natural, yellow,blue,green and black

        · Suitable packing with wooden or iron pallet

        · Fast shipment

        · Customization acceptable