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Bracket Strips
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Polyurethane Coated Parts

The comprehensive properties of polyurethane elastomer are very superior. In recent years, the focus of developments are in the following: the automobile such as side plates and cushions; construction for the advantages of light weight, shock absorption and good resistance to aging; mine for obvious effect of reducing environment noise, energy saving; and other applications such as cyclone,flame retardant and antistatic transport belt, mine monorail locomotive solid wheel, plate for coal spraying machine, oil seal ring for giant electric wheel dump truck, cold glue for high voltage cable sheath etc.

Polyurethane Turnover Racks

The main features of polyurethane turnover racks are convenient installation, recycling, energy saving and environmental protection. They are the best logistics equipments for appliance manufacturers. Among many varieties of them are those for automobile parts such as body, chassis, interior accessories, seat fittings, engine and transmission, which can be individually designed to meet different users’ demands of different markets.