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Antiskid Cushions for Drilling Platform and Oil field
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Polyurethane Sheets and Strips


1.Wide hardness range. With hardness from HSA10 to HSD80,the polyurethane is of the same elongation and elasticity as that of rubber under high hardness.

2.High strength. Working in rubber hardness, polyurethane has greater compression strength, tensile strength and tear strength than rubber. Working in plastic hardness, polyurethane has greater impact strength and bending strength.

3.Abrasion resistance .the exceptional abrasion resistance is 3-5times better than that of rubber.

4.Oil resistance.Polyurethane is a kind of strong polar polymer, which has little affinity with non-polar mineral oil, and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil.
5.Oxygen and ozone resistance .Polyurethane is highly resistant to degradation by atmospheric oxygen and ozone.

6.Vibration absorption property.Can be used for damping and buffering and can replace rubber and spring moulds manufacturing industry.

7.Low temperature resistance. Polyurethane remains flexible at very low temperature and possesses outstanding resistance to thermal shock.

8.Radiation resistance .Polyurethane is considered to have the best resistance to high energy radiation. It retains a high proportion of the original performance under the radiation dose of 10-10 ge.

9.Terrific Mechanical Properties. Polyurethane do well in common mechanical process, such as lathing, milling, grinding, drilling etc.