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Polyurethane Decoking Pig
Release time:2017-10-25   View times:2719

Polyurethane pipeline decoking pig with metal studs also called polyurethane pipeline decoking scraper from Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. is a very important tool to  decoke the fired heater tubes and pipelines mechanically. Composed of high quality PU and some number of tungsten studs,They are of different designs,colors and sizes available for option.Also can be customized according to buyers' special requirements.They are very effective and efficient to clean the inner surface of pipes of different materials.


Art NO.



Nos of Studs


PP1-80 to PP1-175

80mm, 3.15" to 175mm, 6.90"

140 to 270

24 to 56


PP1-190 to PP1-255

190mm, 7.50" to 255mm, 10.05"

290 to 370

75 to 90