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Polyurethane Pipeline Pig Disc
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Polyurethane molded parts from Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. are those parts for industrial use,made of excellent quality PU by different molds.
The excellent Polyurethane used has following advantages. 
Rubber elasticity,Metal toughness and durability and Plastic shape and color flexibility
Broad range of adjustable hardness
Abrasion resistant
Oil and solvent resistant
Load bearing capacity
Tear resistant
Excellent noise abatement properties
Ageing resistant

So the polyurethane molded parts from Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. are used in almost all the industrial fields of various environments like heavy load,corrosive,high abrasion,strong tearing and heavy impacting etc. Due to the features of PU such as wide range of hardness,molding flexible and colors all available,PU molded parts are suitable for universal use in almost all the areas.We offer different sizes of polyurethane molded parts with custom formulated options.