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Polyurethane Pipeline Pig
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PU pipe cleaning pigalso called PU pipe cleaning scraperfrom Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. are manufactured from excellent quality materials. There are a wide variety of types,durometers,colors and sizes available for users’ option.Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. can also customize the same according to buyers' special designs and formulations.

PU pipe cleaning pigmade by Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd.are mainly fabricated by casting or injecting or even machining.The maximum diameter available can be about 500mm with durometer of 75A to 90A.Due to the features of polyurethane such as resistant to abrasion,tearing.high pressure and ageing etc.The PU pipe cleaning pigfrom Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. are perfect products for quite many applications and can be applied repeatedly after simple cleaning. Thanks to the elasticity and moderate hardness,solid casting pigs are flexible and friendly enough to the inner surface of the pipes under cleaning while powerful and tough enough to the attachments there.

The excellent Polyurethane used has following advantages.

Rubber elasticity,Metal toughness and durability and Plastic shape and color flexibility

Broad range of adjustable hardness from Shore A 65 to 98

Abrasion resistance

Oil and solvent resistance

High pressure bearing capacity

Tear resistance

Ageing resistance